Kale + Apple Smoothie: The Way to Detox After a Long Weekend

Almost every Monday I reassess my diet, not only because I often food shop Sundays but because I want to set myself up for a strong productive week. I’ve found that making healthy food choices is one of the easier ways to do this. When I eat well, I feel better and therefore meet the…

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Multipurpose Matcha Scrub: A Natural Cellulite Treatment

Fact: Anyone can get cellulite.

The benign skin condition pushes fat through the layer of connective tissue of the skin, causing a lumpy exterior. You can have it regardless of your age, gender or weight. Strength training is a natural way to reduce its appearance but if you’re looking for other means to lose the thigh dimples (cuter term than cottage cheese thighs, right?), keep reading.

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2 Easy Self Care Rituals You Can Do Daily

Self care is one of my favorite things to talk about and has been extra important to me this month. In general, I feel like those who live in Hudson Valley really appreciate the importance of taking time to readjust and reset ourselves. Many of us have moved upstate to escape the chaos of the…

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