DIY Holiday Gift: Whipped Body Butter

This DIY whipped body butter recipe makes a wonderful holiday gift. It’s customizable, easy with skin loving ingredients you probably already have at home.

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Multipurpose Matcha Scrub: A Natural Cellulite Treatment

Fact: Anyone can get cellulite.

The benign skin condition pushes fat through the layer of connective tissue of the skin, causing a lumpy exterior. You can have it regardless of your age, gender or weight. Strength training is a natural way to reduce its appearance but if you’re looking for other means to lose the thigh dimples (cuter term than cottage cheese thighs, right?), keep reading.

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How to Make Natural Deodarant

We all can get behind the importance of deodorant. It’s not the most fun or glamorous beauty/skincare product but next to toothpaste and soap, it may be the most necessary. Natural deodorant especially gets a bad wrap, as many don’t hold up against commercial counterparts. I admit, I wasn’t a fan of the stuff either…

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