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The Upstate Edit SallyeAnder in Beacon

A Visit to SallyeAnder | Beacon, NY

Once upon a time, we thought seeing the word “natural” on a bar of soap meant that it was just that. Now we know better. Even when we flip over a product and its ingredients pass muster it doesn’t mean we won’t have a negative reaction to what’s inside. After all, just because something is…

DIY Wall hangings

Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

Ever since I taught myself how to macrame last year I haven’t been able to get enough of fiber art, especially if I’m the one making it. What I love most about this specific wall hanging is that one) It only requires you to know one knot- the larks head and two) it incorporates eucalyptus. …

Clothespin Reindeer ornament diy

DIY: Reindeer Holiday Ornaments

From Thanksgiving to about February, I tend to become very introspective about my life and the direction it’s headed. Recently, I’ve been reaccessing what I have in my home and have began to declutter what’s inside. One of the first things to be placed into storage was my holiday ornaments and decorations, since I only…