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How To Build Your Own Home Gym Affordably

Whether you’ve been inspired to build a home gym because of the coronavirus pandemic or because you’ve always wanted one, it can feel like a daunting process.

With items like the Peloton Bike being priced at a cool $2,245, making your home resemble your local Gold’s or Equinox may not be a financial option. However, that doesn’t mean there are no options.

A Gym That Works For You

A lot of people purchase gym memberships and never use them. In the same vein, it’s not uncommon for people to invest in workout equipment that they never end up using. Along with this being a waste of money, it’s also a waste of space which you may not have to give.

When choosing what to bring into your home fitness area, consider what your fitness goals are and the type of tools that will help you meet them. If you loath cardio, there’s no point in spending a paycheck on a fancy stairmaster. If you dislike weights, don’t include them into your home’s gym. Instead, think of what you really want and need. You can always reevaluate your equipment needs as fitness routines change.

Multifunctional and Portable

I live in an apartment, which means I don’t have a basement or attic to store excess items in. As you already know, I’ve been decluttering a lot of items from my life, including gym equipment that I don’t use. I once had an elliptical, but after realizing it was used more as a coat rack than a place to work my butt, I got rid of it.

Generally, I like workout tools that I can place out of sight and use for a variety of things. This not only allows me to have varied workouts at home, but makes it easier to keep my place tidy.

Here are some of the items in my own gym that you may want to add to yours.

Jump Rope

If you like cardio but don’t have room for a big machine, a jump rope may be the answer. According to SHAPE, 10-minutes of jumping rope can burn 200 calories. Crazy, right? Also, they’re easy to fold away in a drawer, hang in the closet, and take on trips.

Medicine Ball

What I like most about the Medicine Ball is that it has a grip, which makes it really easy to hold onto while maintaining your form. Medicine balls can be used as a weight, to add resistance, and even as a platform for pushups and mountain climbers. I use mine for working out my obliques.

Resistance Bands

Again, another great tool if you don’t want your home being taken over by equipment. Resistance bands are incredibly versatile. They can be used as weights and can add an extra level of challenge to basic squats.


For the sake of transparency, I do own a set of dumbbells. In fact, several, since my boyfriend also has a monster set. However, I do find them useful, especially if you hate getting your bicep curl reps in at the gym.

If you’re serious about weightlifting, you may want to invest in something like the BalanceForm GoFit Dumbells. At $107.66, it’s not cheap, but like I said, if building mass and getting your pump on is a big part of your routine, it’s not bad. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller (and more affordable), the dumbbells from RitFit may be more up your alley and only cost $39.99.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats can come in handy if you have hardwood floors. I had one like the one above for years, but eventually got rid of it because I 1) never really got into yoga and 2) did my ab exercises at the gym. Now I miss it, because I do have hardwood floors and performing leg raises and kicks on them doesn’t feel great.

Let me know what, if any, gym equipment you have, how much you use and how in the comments below.

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Hudson Valley based writer.

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