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A Visit to SallyeAnder | Beacon, NY

Once upon a time, we thought seeing the word “natural” on a bar of soap meant that it was just that. Now we know better. Even when we flip over a product and its ingredients pass muster it doesn’t mean we won’t have a negative reaction to what’s inside. After all, just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe or that you won’t adversely react to it. The folks at SallyeAnder have taken the guess work out of the equation by creating soap blends that are allergen free and loaded with skin nourishing ingredients.

“What sets are brand whole company apart is that our stuff is truly hypoallergenic,” says President Sallie Austin.

The natural soap and skincare company uses olive oil bases in favor of coconut and palm oils, as they can actually lead to over drying and can aggravate skin. They also don’t use skin stripping chemical based lather enhancers or fragrance oils, instead relying on fine essential oils which are known for their medicinal benefits and aromatheraputic properties. Each product is made by hand and features edible ingredients such as shredded coconut, oatmeal, organic blueberries, and green tea. Many of their ingredients are sourced from local vendors like Fishkill Farms and they don’t test on animals or use synthetics.

The Upstate Edit beauty companies in Hudson Valley
Photo Credit: Hillary Caltagirone
The Upstate Edit SallyeAnder in Beacon
Photo Credit: Hillary Caltagirone
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Photo Credit: Hillary Caltagirone

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SallyeAnder was established in the eighties when Gary Austin, made an olive oil Castile based soap for his son who was allergic to the commercial brand they had purchased.  Realizing there were many people like his son, Gary and his wife, Karen, decided to found a company that addressed this need.

Their mission from there was simple: create 100 percent natural skincare solutions that anyone could use. Years later, their daughter Sally came on board to help the company expand. SallyeAnder was a cornerstone of her childhood and she and her siblings had grown up going to the tradeshows and markets with their parents. “I really tried to take a bigger part of the company in 2009,” she explains.

At the time she was in law school but already had vision for where the brand could go with a few tweaks. She began helping to streamline the business. “Now we’re in over 2000 store [throughout] the country,” she says proudly.

SallyeAnder’s smorgasbord of products include shampoo bars, complexion bars, balms, creams, shave soap-all environmentally friendly, high quality and affordable. Most recently they’ve introduced a facial mask line. There are three types-Rose Clay, Emerald Clay, and Golden Clay- each designed for a specific skin type and developed to pull  toxins, tighten pores and lift skin. They come dry which not only ensures the shelf life of each product but also allows users to customize the masks to their personal needs. You can blend them with water, ACV, or with pumpkin and oatmeal as I did when Sally and I made a mask together at SallyeAnder’s #Maskson workshop event which we were recently invited to. You can check out the raw footage from the event below.


SallyeAnder complexion masks
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SallyeAnder complexion masks
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The Upstate Edit beauty companies in new york
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shampoo bars SallyeAnder
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natural creams and balms
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soap companies in hudson valley
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The Upstate Edit visit hudson valley
Photo Credit| Hillary Caltagirone

One of the most admirable things about the company is its commitment to transparency, its diverse product line, and that their so hands on with the community. They create 1000 soaps a day (production also takes place in Beacon), have 16 employees, and have organically grown a thriving sustainable brand. I was incredibly impressed by their variety of soaps and their scents. They also sell candles, dry brushes, and other skincare accessories. I can’t wait to visit them again.

If you can’t swing by their Beacon location soon, you can shop their website.  But of course, you should really visit the store. If you want to see more from the #maskson event, check out an inclusive video on IGTV by following @theupstateedit.


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