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DIY: Reindeer Holiday Ornaments

From Thanksgiving to about February, I tend to become very introspective about my life and the direction it’s headed. Recently, I’ve been reaccessing what I have in my home and have began to declutter what’s inside. One of the first things to be placed into storage was my holiday ornaments and decorations, since I only use them one month out of the year. And frankly, after my boyfriend and I purchased a tree, the last thing I wanted was to go down to the storage facility and dig out bells and stars and all the other baubles I use for Christmas. Solution? DIY ornaments-of, course! Specifically, reindeer ornaments.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time. Honestly, I love most of the classic holiday films and my boyfriend and I spend the entire month of December watching them all. Thus far we’ve watched It’s a Wonderful Life, Frosty The Snow Man, Frosty Returns (voiced by John Goodman, if you can believe it), Christmas with the Kranks, and Krampus (because I love horror films). No, some of these are not “classics” but we’re easing our way into it. Come next week, we’ll have seen The Little Drummer Boy, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Night Before Christmas (remember that one!), and pretty much any claymation, animation oldie but goodie film we have in our collection. But I digress. Onto the reindeer ornaments!

DIY Clothespin Reindeer OrnamentsHoliday DIYSHudson Valley Beacon NY DIY HolidaysDIY Reindeer Ornaments

This is a simple and inexpensive DIY that’s fun to do with the kids or in my case, when you’re trying to decompress  by listening to the Vanishing Podcast. Once you have your method down, you can crank these out without much thought. Because I was feeling ambitious, I made two versions of this ornament, one using a single clothespin, the other using two. Both variations use the same materials which are as follows:


-Brown Pipe Cleans (one per reindeer ornament)


-Red craft pom poms

-Googly eyes

-Hot glue gun (or another quick drying sturdy glue)


Reindeer Ornament (Single Clothespin Method)


1. Fold pipe cleaner in half creating a V-shape. Cut the ends off to create two smaller pipe cleaners (you will need these to create more realistic antlers).

2.  Using one per side, wrap a smaller pipe cleaner around the tip of the larger one and point upward to form the antlers.

3. Place hot glue on front handle of clothespin (the piece you pinch to open). Fasten pipe antlers.

4. Add a layer of hot glue to the metal strip and the end of pin. Apply googly eyes and nose before setting aside to dry.

Reindeer Ornament (Double Clothespin Method)


1. Follow directions for the Single Clothespin Method, one through two.

2. Taking two clothespin, layer one on top the other, starting at the half-way point. Make sure their feet are in opposite directions.

3.  Once you’ve decided your placement, glue together with hot glue. Add googly eyes, antlers and nose as before.


DIY Reindeer OrnamentsLearn how to make a reindeer ornamentLearn how to make reindeer ornaments


For more holiday DIYS and exclusive content, don’t forget to find me on Instagram at @theupstateedit. In the meantime, let me know the different ways you decorate your home for the holidays.

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