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Editor Notes: July Favorites

uly was a whirlwind of work and desserts. True to my word on Instagram (follow me on @theupstateedit), I started an #icecreamseries. This has basically involved me driving around Hudson Valley in search of local creameries.

The funny thing is that when you’ve made it your job to eat dessert, you become quickly sick of it. Even though I’ve kept it to a minimum of one scoop per week (which really means 3 scoops in creamery speak), I’ve crave healthy food something fierce the rest of the time.

Ice Cream shops in Hudson Valley The Upstate EditIce Cream shops in Cold Spring Hudson Valley Ice Cream Shops

To see all of the places I’ve gone (thus far), visit me on the gram.

Hudson Valley Farm markets

I also made it a priority to shop my food locally, visiting Barb’s Butchery in Beacon to make my BF meatloaf and the Overlook Farmers Market in Newburgh to pick up some gorgeous product to make my vegetable pasta (gluten free with faux beef).

Visiting the Hudson Valley The Catskills

Summer’s not over yet and I have some exciting places to share and DIYs coming up, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please share with me what you’ve been up to.


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