From August, 2018

Visiting the Hudson Valley The Catskills

Editor Notes: July Favorites

uly was a whirlwind of work and desserts. True to my word on Instagram (follow me on @theupstateedit), I started an #icecreamseries. This has basically involved me driving around Hudson Valley in search of local creameries. The funny thing is that when you’ve made it your job to eat dessert, you become quickly sick of…

Field Trip in Newburgh, NY Hudson Valley

Field Trip: The Boutique Bringing Indie Brands to Newburgh, NY

113 Liberty Street | Newburgh, NY Hours: Wed-Sat 10-6pm | Sun 10-4pm ¬† In the last ten years we’ve seen many Hudson Valley areas (Kingston, Beacon, Poughkeepsie) find new life as more¬† entrepreneurs begin opening eateries and stores. Newburgh is no exception. In the last few years we’ve seen some amazing small businesses emerge, such…

Editor Notes: August

This month I tried to do as many “summery” things that I could. I ran outside, attended some events but try as I did, August whooshed by before I completed everything on my to-do list. It’s hard #adulting some days, isn’t it? Trying to work and enjoy the summer is something I still don’t have…

kale and apple smoothie

Kale + Apple Smoothie: The Way to Detox After a Long Weekend

Almost every Monday I reassess my diet, not only because I often food shop Sundays but because I want to set myself up for a strong productive week. I’ve found that making healthy food choices is one of the easier ways to do this. When I eat well, I feel better and therefore meet the…

New Paltz, NY

The Vegan Upstate + New Paltz

Once upon a time, a long time ago (2009-2010 to be exact) your girl was vegan. After almost 10 years of having some serious health problems, it felt like the best solution for solving digestive issues, lethargy and weight fluctuation. At the time upstate wasn’t really known for it’s versatile cuisine. If you enjoyed meat…

natural cures for cellulite

Multipurpose Matcha Scrub: A Natural Cellulite Treatment

Fact: Anyone can get cellulite.

The benign skin condition pushes fat through the layer of connective tissue of the skin, causing a lumpy exterior. You can have it regardless of your age, gender or weight. Strength training is a natural way to reduce its appearance but if you’re looking for other means to lose the thigh dimples (cuter term than cottage cheese thighs, right?), keep reading.