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June Favorites

This year, I couldn’t wait for the 21st to start celebrating summer. June came and I officially hit the Hudson Valley ground, running to various events because-duh, summer.

In the beginning of the month I visited the 6th annual festival, Newburgh Illuminated, as well as Gardiner’s Craft Walk where I scored some lovely items, two of which became monthly favorites.

Glow Facial Serum Made in Hudson Valley New York

The Upstate Edit

I’m always happy to buy beauty products and candles and Hudson Naturals and Rio Santo Naturals are two amazing local brands. In case you missed my write-up on Glow Facial Serum or Rio Santo’s candles, you can check them out here and here.

Another highlight of the month has been indulging in the creameries around the area. I cast dedication of healthy eating aside when it comes to ice cream. I’m made for the stuff!

ice cream

Ron’s in Beacon is one of my favorites. They have a massive selection of flavors, offer soft and hard ice cream, as well as shakes and sundaes. I kicked off the season with a double scoop (photoed above) of cookies and cream, plus coffee cookies and creams. Yes, it’s delicious as it sounds and so easy on the wallet! I’m never going to get behind spending $6 on a small Rum and Raisin. That’s robbery. At Ron’s for that amount, I was able to get my double scoop, plus treat my boyfriend to a hard vanilla on a sugar cone-kid size (which is still fairly big).

As much as I love Ron’s, my goal is to visit a new creamery, at least every other week throughout the summer. Perhaps this will be a series? What are your recommendations? Also, this month has been filled with cocktails! From the Prom Night at The Vault to Long Island Ice Teas at The Beacon Hotel (photoed below), weekends have been…flavorful.


Summer in the HV is all about fun, finding those simple pleasures that bring you joy and sharing them with those you love. I’m off to a good start thus far.

Please leave your creamery and cocktail destination recommendations for me in the comments or on Instagram. I’d love to know your favorite places.

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