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The Vault | Beacon, NY

Dress Code: Dressy/Casual

Full Bar: Yes

Indoor/Outdoor Seating: Yes

Price: $$


The restaurant scene has changed dramatically in the Mid-Hudson Valley in the last five years. For most of my life, I considered this area meat and potato country. Sort of a problem if you favor a plant based diet.

The growing health consciousness of people has really brought more versatile eateries with diverse menus. When they opened in 2015, The Vault primarily focused on tapas. Now they offer entrees as well. Their menu has changed and they have several vegetarian/vegan friendly dishes, so I had to check them out.

The restaurant is very large with two bar sections, along with outdoor seating. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. My boyfriend and I began the evening with drinks. He ordered his standard Long Island but I opted for something off their specialty cocktail menu. The Prom Night (photoed above) is vodka, lychees and hibiscus. It was like an iced herbal tea with a serious attitude. I approved. Greatly.

For the main course I enjoyed a delicious Southwestern salad; a compilation that included mixed greens, sweet roasted corn, black beans, and creamy manchego cheese. My boyfriend had the Short Ribbed Grilled cheese which came with a tomato cream dipping sauce. A fairly picky eater, he gave his approval as the short rib was tender and moist, the sourdough bread buttery and perfectly grilled.

There are several other items on the menu I’m looking forward to trying. I’m sure I’ll be posting them on Instagram.

Have you been to The Vault in Beacon, NY? If so, what are your recommendations?

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Hudson Valley based writer.

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