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Getting Sipsy at Firefly Juice Bar | Fishkill, NY

If you’ve been following me from my earliest blogging days (what up FITNB peeps!), you know I love me some smoothies. What’s not to love? They’re such an easy way to pack in nutrients. Plus, they taste good!

I make smoothies 3 to 6 times a week, so I consider myself an expert in the art of this type of cuisine. And finding a juice bar or smoothie club that knows how to make one with the proper fruit to nut milk ratio isn’t as simple as it sounds. Lots of places skip on the fruit in favor of ice or my ultimate pet peeve, use fruit concentrate instead of actual fruit. I seriously can’t.



I’ve been passing by Firefly Juice Bar for months (they opened last November). Located at 1004 Main St #8w in Fishkill, they’re right by my gym. I’ve just been a lazy bones and truthfully, I hate going into places after I’ve just worked out. I’m a sweaty mess and I don’t want to unleash that on the public. But today was the day, as I was fresh out of an acupuncture session and was not in stinky leggings.

Firefly Juice Bar is part of Firefly yoga studio. I was immediately impressed by how spacious it was and its eco-industrial decor. There were two menus available, one for juice, one for smoothies and neither disappointed when it came to their creativity. They offered vegan protein powders, nut milks, add-ins like hemp seeds, and had fresh herbs growing in mason jars.



Part of me was in a mood for something tropical to offset the winter vibes outside, but in the end the Jammin smoothie won. I wanted to make sure I got in my daily serving of fruit, and some greens never hurt.They use real fruit in their drinks which results in them being naturally sweet, silky and filling. I wish more establishments practiced this. It makes a huge difference in the flavor and nutritional integrity of drinks. The smoothie maker was lovely, making sure I enjoyed my order before topping me off.

If you’re in the area or at the studio taking a yoga class, I highly recommend stopping by and ordering a drink. I plan on returning and maybe, trying my hand at hot power Vinyasa.

20180303_13510120180303_134910 (2)

Have you been to Firefly or visited their juice bar? Let me know about your experience.


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