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Beguiled by Binnacle Books in Beacon, NY

Binnacle Books opened in late 2015. Being that it’s early 2018, I really should have become more familiar with it by now. I mean, I love books. No-lurve them. But between all my work and planning for Self Made, I’ve only been in the bookshop a handful of times and haven’t really browsed. Sort of unacceptable since it’s within walking distance of my apartment. Today changed that.


If  you haven’t been, you can find the independently owned bookstore on 321 Main Street in Beacon. It’s charmingly small with an impressive number of used and new books, ranging from classics, recently published, and rare. There are three separate rooms if you include the main floor, all stacked to the ceiling with paperbacks and hardcovers. There are carts and milk crates of books that can be yours for $1-$5.  It’s kind of rad.

LRM_EXPORT_20180114_214239Books at Binnacle Books in Beacon, NYHudson Valley bookstores review from The Upstate EditUsed Books stores in Beacon, NY.Binnacle Books, Hudson Valley.


Random fun fact: I hate snapping photos in public. Don’t get me wrong, I do it. But I generally feel awkward when I do, especially if people are around, patiently waiting for me to take whatever picture I’m trying to take so they can move along.

When I arrived at Binnacle, it was fairly empty and therefore easy to click away as I admired a copy of The Yellow Wallpaper, literary biography of Kathy Acker, After Kathy Acker, books by Kerouac.

Do you ever feel like you have some weird pheromone that attracts people into empty stores five minutes after you arrive? It’s always happening with me and that’s exactly what happened today. To be fair, as stated above, the shop wasn’t empty, but a few minutes after I arrived two groups of people showed up and soon I found myself focusing on how to stay out of the way and less about finding the best angles to take photos that showed how cute the place was.

I just finished How to Murder Your Life, the memoir by Cat Marnell, so I was on the hunt for something new to gorge on. I spent $15 bucks on brunch at Silver Spoon Cafe (have you been? If not, go there!) in Cold Spring and only had $20 in cash. Still, I couldn’t resist asking the brunette behind the counter what exactly was the edition of the copy of Nobokov’s Lolita on the shelf behind her and how much was it.  I didn’t think twice about whacking out my credit card when she said, “Forty-two dollars.”

First American Edition of Lolita, from upstate New York Bookstore. Hudson ValleyThere Ae More Beautyiful Things Than Beyonce

As soon as I returned home, I smelled the pages and put it in a safe place away from the sunlight (not hard in my apartment).

I also bought  There are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce, a book of poetry by Morgan Parker. If there is something you’re looking for that they don’t have, let them know. They’re happy to take orders.


I wish I had known that Binnacle took used books since I just purged two boxes worth of old and never read reads from my home. I don’t really have the room for new books right now. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from buying them and it won’t stop me from returning to this local gem. I’m already thinking about what I’ll pick up next.





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