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Road to the Stormville Flea Market

Stormville Flea Market New York

The Upstate Edit The Mighty Mite
Bouncy house, not just for the youngins.

Antique seating from Stormville Flea Market

Stormville Flea Market Mid Century end tables


The Stormville Airport Antique Show & Flea Market, colloquially known as the Stormville Flea Market, is one of Hudson Valley’ best kept semi-secrets.  Close to Taconic State Parkway, the spot is a treasure chest for those seeking collectibles, vintage furniture and other rarities.  If you want to flea market the way your mother did, this place is for you. FYI, admission is free and so if parking.


Famously featured on Flea Market Flip, the market has been around since 1970, boasts 600 vendors and thousands of visitors each year. It comes around six weekends between April though November and you never know what you’ll find. That’s partially because unlike the more contemporary markets of today (generally juried and promoted like a low key Coachella),  Stormville doesn’t give a vendor list or curate. It also doesn’t heavily advertise which makes it relatively unknown to Valley new comers.  It’s as old school as it gets; a place where people haggle and sift through some questionable stuff in order to find the hidden gems.



Things to Know

Tip 1: Bring Cash. Seriously. Don’t expect vendors to have an iPad or digital device to swipe your plastic. This brings us to the next tip.

Tip 2: Bring your own bags + carts. Wanting a bag for your purchase doesn’t seem like expecting too much and most vendors do have them. However (and that’s a big however), not everyone offers the type of packing that will be sturdy enough to carry that antique vase or the vintage record player you just picked up.  Save yourself the worry by bringing your own canvas totes. If you anticipate purchasing bigger items such as furniture, it doesn’t hurt to bring a trolley or some form of pulling device. Do not expect vendors to carry your new set of chairs to your car.

Tip 3: Wear comfortable shoes.  With 600 vendors to visit, it’s a must and you’ll be marching over grassy terrain. Not the time for heels or super expensive kicks.



Part of the fun of visiting Stormville is stumbling on items that you haven’t seen since childhood. I found so many old toys from the eighties, I could have sworn  my childhood bedroom had somehow ended up on the property.


Another perk of visiting is that if you are a lover of vintage and other old things, you’ll more than likely be able to find whatever you’re looking for at a fraction of the price you’d pay if you went to an antique store.  I’ve been on the hunt for glass bottles for the last few months but ever since they’ve become popular, some shops want to sell them at twenty to thirty bucks a pop. No, thanks. They’re just bottles and I was able to find more than a few for under $10 at a variety of booths at Stormville. 







Stormville Hudson Valley


Here are some of the aforementioned bottles. I also found some much lusted for antler for $25.

Stormville Flea Market Apothecary bottles from Stormville Flea MarketPhotograph by The Upstate Edit vintage bottlesFinds at Stormville Flea Market


For a listing of upcoming dates for the Stormville Flea Market, visit their website and if you visit, tag us in pics of your purchases, @theupstateedit.

















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