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Cycle, Barre and Sculpt at On The Fly in Cold Spring


There’s one local gym that knows the power of the personal touch and it’s On The Fly. Located in Cold Spring, New York, they specialize in barre, cycling, and sculpting classes, all in a boutique atmosphere. If you’re tired of big name gyms or craving a more specialized sweat session, pay them a visit.


The studio is open seven days a week and hosts a variety of classes, all designed to address each component of fitness (cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility). Whether you’re a weight lover or a cardio queen, there’s a class perfect for you. Their Barre class, for example, is great for crafting that strong sleek dancer physique. It offers a mix of ballet-barre, yoga and Pilates. If you’re struggling to lose that muffin-top, try Core Commotion.  Using a combo of bodyweight training and dumbbells, the class teaches functional moves to engage the core as well as other parts of the body. If you hate traditional cardio (or strength training, for that matter), sign up for Boxing. It’s full contact, includes bag work and mitt training, and utilizes bodyweight movements. Instructors take members on a high intensity interval ride in the Cycling class. Expect your muscles to be challenged and a mega calorie burn.  20160426_185154

If uniqueness is what you seek, Battlerope ST may be up your alley. Developed by personal trainer and NPC Dutchess County Body Building Champ, Jose Matos, the class melds bodyweight suspension training with a heavy cardio element. You’ll lengthen and strengthen limbs while targeting major muscle groups.  Strength and Power is where to get your #beastmode on. You’ll use kettlebells, TRX suspension training, and even battlerope ST moves geared to improve fluidity, strength and stamina.

If you like a bit of variety, try the Cardio Weight Training (Express & CT). 20160426_185341Designed to build and define muscle it gives two options: Express and CT. Lasting forty-five minutes, Express begins with a yoga warm up and is followed by strength training using free weights or a weighted bar. The hour long CT class includes a cardio circuit. On The Fly also offers an open studio, as well as personal training. It’s great if you don’t have time to make a scheduled class, want to experiment on your own, or need some one-on-one attention with a trainer. Arriving 10-15 minutes before a class is recommended. Cubbies and hooks for belongings are available, as well as mats, weights, and other equipment.

From Good to Great: The Transformation of On The Fly

(From left to right) Instructor Deanna Muraszewski, Owner Joy Albrecht , and Instructor Dawn Scanga.

When Joy Albrecht became involved with On The Flys she was a client not owner. A self-proclaimed cardio-lover, she gravitated to their cutting edge classes and the way the instructors invested in her progress.  She started taking the cycling class with NASM Certified Trainer, Dawn Scanga. Fun and effective, it was the first fitness activity she connected with and felt committed to.

In December of 2015, she caught wind that the studio was closing. The news, while inconvenient, also presented an opportunity. Formally an English teacher and an employee of the Cold Spring General Store, she had been questioning her next career move. “I was at a place in my life where I was looking for something,” she explains.

The something would be keeping On The Fly alive. Being a member there had not only improved her health but life. This was her chance to give back. Within twenty-four hours, she was contacting the owner and making plans to take it over, provided that the trainers she had come to love joined her at its new location.

One of those trainers was Dawn, the woman responsible for making her a cycling enthusiast. Once a fashion buyer, it was also a life transition that brought her into training. A mother of four, she no longer cared for her commute into Manhattan. An athlete all her life, she turned her sights to the fitness industry, going back to school for Exercise Science and Wellness. Along with her degree she holds a number of certifications including Spinning, Personal Training, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and is currently pursuing her certification in Sports Performance Training.  “I love fitness,” she says. “I didn’t know where it was going to take me.”

Where it took her to was On The Fly which was surprisingly close to her home. She began teaching and soon met Joy.

Another trainer that joined Joy was Deanna Muraszewski. Like Dawn, Deanna also commuted to Manhattan but worked in marketing. It was a career that was making her dreams of starting a family difficult and she was eager to transition out of it.  She found her escape route by way of Exhale NYC, a gym in the city that offered yoga core fusion. “I was obsessed with [it]” she remembers. When she heard they were offering a teaching course in barre she knew it was her ticket to the life she wanted.   “I didn’t think about the cost or anything,” she says of becoming a teacher. “I just thought, I’m going to go for it.” She now holds certifications in level 1 and level 2 barre and has worked throughout Dutchess and Putnam county.

Both Dawn and Deanna saw how the studio had transformed Joy. Deanna, who co-owns Cold Spring General Store, knew that she had been looking to switch gears and the idea of her taking over the gym “just made sense.” She says, “She had that entrepreneurial cap on.”

While not a fitness instructor, Joy is an expert in customer care. As a former client, she knew the types of things that could elevate the workout experience for members. With Dawn and Deanna by her side, she set to work remodeling the new space. To look at it now you would never have guessed that it was once a dry cleaning business. Dawn admits with a laugh, “It was really funky in here.” She had her husband bring his construction company to help paint and before long, the studio also had top of the line exercise equipment, walled mirrors and new flooring in the cycling room. “I know what I like and don’t like,” says Joy. “And I try to bring that.” That means comprehensive fitness classes, knowledgeable instructors and the small details that turn On The Fly into an oasis for members. There are always fresh towels and bottled water on hand, something that many local gyms don’t offer. And Joy is always there to welcome old and new clients. They come in at the urging of a spouse or feeling intimidated only to soon become regulars. The staff works hard to provide effective workouts in an environment that make them feel like their part of a community. “People really want a place where people know their name, their story, their injury,” explains Joy. “Whatever their situation may be, they really need that comfort that somebody is keeping an eye on them.”


All instructors are certified and have CPR training. Members who feel uncertain about their capabilities are gently prodded toward new experiences to show them their potential. “I’ll really try to do that with private clients,” says Dawn. “If there’s anything they need to be introduced to or are intimidated by; anything they need help with, even getting them on the spin bike; [I’ll] set people on the bike itself [if] they’re too intimidated to step into class…We offer a great variety and balance for any individual.”


Regardless if they’re a fitness fiend or just starting out, the team provides activities that get results while still ensuring anyone who comes through the doors can participate. It’s a business model that sets them apart.  “This is the only place in our immediate area for high intensity active workouts,” says Joy. And with intensity and consistency comes transformation. “There used to be a few [members] who would sit back and be really quiet,” Deanna recalls. “Then they get more and more involved in the community aspect of it and [soon] they’re chit chatting with everyone…We’re all sweat and smiles.”

Along with making fitness approachable, Joy also hopes to make it more affordable. The Unlimited Monthly Classes Plan ($125 per month) gives access to all group fitness classes at any time and is ideal for those with hectic schedules. The Monday through Thursday A.M. Unlimited Plan ($65 per month) gives access to any classes held between 7a.m. and 1p.m; perfect the morning exerciser or the person who’s not ready to commit to a daily workout schedule.

This summer they’ll start offering two small group coaching programs, both lead by Dawn. “We have a strong reputation in the community for being high intensity which we’re all about and that will never change,” says Joy. “In keeping with that HIIT focus, we will once again be offering our classic Boot Camp program. But there is an entire group of people who are intimidated and don’t feel like they can do it.” For that reason, Dawn will also be teaching a corresponding Basic Training class, geared towards those who want a heart pumping workout but are not physically ready for something so vigorous. It’s great for those dealing with injuries, limited mobility, or who haven’t worked out in a while. “We want to get those folks feeling good about coming to a place that has fitness on the name and to have them realize that they too can be healthier and stronger than they were yesterday,” Joy says.

On The Fly is located at 3021 Route 9 in Cold Spring, NY. For more information or the class schedule, visit their official website.

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