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Bottega Organica, Hudson

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Natural skincare doesn’t have to be all DIY yogurt masks and coconut oil.  Sometimes it can be luxurious and even more effective than its chemical laden counterparts. Take the products from Bottega Organica, the organic skincare brand that blends the power of mother nature with science. With ingredients harvested and naturally processed at farms in Upstate New York and Italy, all components of the brand’s line have best researched and tested for proven effectiveness.

We were first introduced to the company last year at the Basilica Farm & Flea. It was there we met Mary Ahern who runs the upstate farm and apothecary, is a founding partner and head of formulation. We reached out to her to learn how Bottega Organica came into existence and the key ingredient that makes their formulas groundbreaking in the fight against aging skin.

Thanks so much for allowing me to ask you some questions. Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you became involved with Bottega Organica?

I was always interested in finding ways to deliver the medicinal quality of plants and understanding what the best vehicle and form would be for effectiveness. Looking back, I can see it was a gradual process of exploring raw materials like essential oils, plants, and shea butter where I got to know ingredients. Often times, I used them in their raw form and I got to know their properties, textures. So when working on formulations, I knew what beeswax added in terms of consistency to the formula so I could design combinations of essential oils and plants to carry out the most effective results. The start of creating a more extensive product line began when I started formulating around postpartum care. The products I created were wildcrafted and organically grown using traditional methods to extract the plant material. It was a natural step to join Bottega Organica because of our shared philosophy of purity of ingredients and methods. It was a chance meeting but we had so much in common, we decided to partner. Our commonality at the core is being inspired by the unique qualities of the plants and the possibilities those open up.

Mary Ahern bottega organica Hudson skincare

For readers who are not familiar with the brand, can you describe the philosophy behind Bottega Organica?

The philosophy is to create a clean product, all naturally processed using the best raw materials, and totally backed by research. It’s unique that we can grow and produce all of our own olive oil and prawn sage which are our foundational ingredients. We grow as much as possible, but there are effective plants that don’t grow in our region. So when there is plant material we cannot grow ourselves, it’s important that our sources are growing organically and consistent with our standards.


The company came about in 2013 when Dr. Andrea Alimonti, a renowned geneticist, discovered the power of prawn sage extract. Can you tell me a little more about prawn sage and the benefits it has to the skin?

Prawn sage is a powerful antioxidant that prolongs the life of the cell on a DNA level. Cells have a lifespan which are defined by the number of times they can divide or replicate. There are external factors that accelerate the timeline like sun exposure, free radicals, and metabolic stress (often times caused by poor diet). Dr. Alimonti discovered that prawn sage is a natural inhibitor that helps slow down the clock. Once a cell reaches the point where it stops dividing, it then can have a domino effect on normal cells. So the effects of prawn sage is not only proactive but preventative.

There’s a lot of noise out there in terms of what we should and shouldn’t do for our health. It’s hard to know what to invest our money and time in. Why do you think quality skincare is one of those things?

There seems to be more and more research about the negative effects the fragrances, emulsifiers, and synthetics found in common household and body care products. These things are absorbed through our skin and in some cases are making it into the bloodstream. Skin is our largest organ, so that seems reason enough to choose skin and body care products as thoughtfully and carefully as you do food.

We absolutely agree with you! And Bottega Organica offers so many different products! What are some of your best sellers?

Cleansing face oil is a wonderful product that is cleansing and super effective in removing makeup and all the environmental elements you encounter. The Extra Nourishing Face Formula is a great moisturizer full of antioxidants and especially great in the winter time for added protection from the elements. The Eye Iluminate cream is healing, regenerative, and leaves your skin with a glow.

Which ones are your personal favorite?

Face Balance, Eye Illuminate, Ageless face mist and Ultra Concentrated Serum. Body Scrub is a treat.

Are there any new products, projects or events in the works that you can share with our readers?

We’ll be at Indie Beauty Expo in August 24th and August 25th.

To Learn more about Bottega Organica, visit  their official website. The Indie Beauty Expo will be held at 269 11th ave between 27th and 28th street in New York, NY.

This story originally appeared in The Mighty Mite.

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