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Om Aroma: The Luxury Skincare Brand Made in Hudson Valley

Some people treat themselves with clothes, others with beauty products. I’m in the latter category. I’m gaga for Sephora. I see an Ulta and swoon. There’s a Ricky’s around the corner? I’ll race you there. Lotions, lip balms and scrubs, I want, I need, I love.

Given my skin care obsession, I was (understandably) devastated when I learned how many chemicals and toxins are in some of my favorite products.  Here are some freaky stats about the cosmetic industry:

  • Women use 12 products on average which contain a total of 168 ingredients and 515 chemicals.
  • Men use 6 products on average which is roughly 85 ingredients per day.
  • Around 10,500 ingredients are used in the cosmetic industry but only 20 percent are accessed for safety.
  • The FDA does not require cosmetic companies to test for safety.
  • Companies are allowed to leave certain ingredients off a product if they consider it as a “trade secret.”

Yes, pretty upsetting and needless to say, I’m now constantly on the hunt for products that not only help me look good but are good for me.  But here’s the thing, just because I’m willing to substitute some of my favorite brands for those that are more healthy, it doesn’t mean I don’t want luxury. The best part of being a beauty junkie is that is gives me a way to pamper myself daily. I don’t want to give that up. And fortunately, I don’t have to. There’s a beauty brand that is completely luxurious, organic and better still, made close to home.

Om Aroma & Co. is made in the Catskills and is totally organic, preservative and chemical free. Founder, Angela Jim Kim, once a concert pianist, was thrown into the beauty world when the lotion she was using caused a nasty rash before a performance. When she checked the label she was shocked to find 55 ingredients listed. She soon started making her own products in her kitchen in Manhattan, leading to her friends sampling and wanting what she created. Before she knew it, she was not only starting her own brand but the eco-chic spa and boutique Savor Spa which has locations in the West Village and Woodstock, NY.

Om Aroma & Co. offers a variety of skin care products, all without parabens, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, or formaldehyde. Production of these products are in part with the company’s Dollars & Scents program which helps women enter the workforce after taking time off to raise their children.  Check out some of our favorite Om Aroma & Co. offerings.


This cleanser is multipurpose. It takes off makeup and cleanses while gently exfoliating skin. The cleanser contained crushed champagne grapeseed which is antioxidant rich and produces healthy cell turnover.


This delicious message oil is perfect to apply after you’ve had a hard workout. Arnica oil helps reduces swelling and bruising while absorbing quickly into the skin.


Show your face some TLC  with the Manuka Honey Masque. Containing papaya and apricot extract to remove dead skin cells, this mask turns a dull complexion bright. Anti-bacterial Manuka honey brings out impurities while helping damaged skin heal and regenerate.


We’re not sure what we love most about this facial serum, the natural SPF providing red raspberry seeds or the anti-aging Vitamin E. Fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 keeps skin soft and glowing.

Have you tried Om Aroma & Co. yet? Have you been to Savor Spa? Tell us about it.

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This story originally appeared on The Mighty Mite.

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